Translating data with ChatGPT on APITable

So you need to translate the data in your data sheet into different language, well I guess the most affordable / fastest / accurate (mostly) translator out there will be OpenAI’s ChatGPT. APITable now built in OpenAI ChatGPT into the system, which you can translate the data for each row into different language with the help of ChatGPT.

1. Assuming that you already have a data sheet in APITable which you wanted to translate the data into different language, start by creating a formula column. This will be your “prompt” column, let’s just call it “Prompt” for now

2. Say, the column you want to translate is “Title”, and you want to translate into Chinese language, your formula should be something like below:

"Translate into Chinese " + {Tite}

3. Create another column, to store the translated result, we call it “Translated Text”

4. Now, at the top right cornet of the APITable, add a widget, and we add ChatGPT (of course!)

5. You need specify 3 things under the widget, the OpenAI API Key, Prompt column, and result column.

6. Once you done that, you will see the the first row of data appear immediately and ready to be translated.

7. Click on the “Generate” button, and you shall see your result appear next.

8. If you satisfy with the result, click “Add to cell” button; If not, just click “Generate” button again.

9. You can apply the same thing at other row of data.


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