JotForm: Electronic Signature done beautifully

JotForm is amazing when come to form creation, it does electronic signature pretty well as well. The electronic signature is part of the form builder, where you can choose to built a form from scratch, or upload a document template (in PDF), for multiple parties’ signature.

All of these, JotForm make digitalization come without coding.

Pre-requisite check

  • Initial requirement

    Let’s look at how it started, as well as the initial design

  • URL

  • Platform

    JotForm is a cloud SAAS (Software as a service) platform, make sure the one who pay your salary are comfortable with that

  • Account

    You will need a JotForm account to start to use it. JotForm do provide free plan, as of now.

  • Cost

    There are some limitation for free plan, and make sure you are totally comfortable with the limitation and terms.

Let's get started

Configure the document

1. Upload the document template to start with. To make thing easier for you, you can use the sample we prepared here.


2. Specify the area for signature. 1 document able to have more than 1 signer. You can specify other attributes like Name, Signed Date as well.


3. Specify the actual signer’s name for the area they should sign. You don’t want any signer sign at any signature box, do you?


4. Lastly, time to send out the document for all the signers to sign.

Let's try it out

1. JotForm will send out the email to the signers in the document. Signers will receive an email just like below

2. Click on the link, signers will be brought to the document, where they can signed

3. Based on the email, signer only able to sign at the box they assigned to

4. Once they signed, you will be able to receive a complete document, with all the signature required. Of course, you can chase those, who yet to sign as well.

5. So, that’s all, it is not difficult to have an electronic signature for your official documents that required signature, it is not even using coding which you can start the digitilization process for your official document.

Let's walkthrough again

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