Event enquiry/booking via Messaging with the help of OpenAI

In the wild and wacky world we live in, where smartphones are practically glued to our hands like hip and high-tech accessories, businesses seem to be developing a case of app-fever. They’re churning out mobile apps like donuts on a conveyor belt, assuming we’re all dying to add another app-icon to our already cluttered phone screens.

If you’re a rebellious soul like me, one who prefers a neat and tidy phone, you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. It’s like showing up to a pizza party after declaring your undying commitment to a low-carb diet. The options can sometimes feel a little… well, thin-crust.

But have you ever had that lightbulb moment in the shower? What if, instead of juggling a dozen apps, we could use one messenger service, like WhatsApp, to do it all? Imagine that! OpenAI, in all its brainy glory, combined with AutoGPT could just turn our phones into magical wands. Say ‘Abracadabra’, wave your WhatsApp, and voila, your commands are followed. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? A tad magical even!

Now, let me tell you a funny story. Last week, my better half shared with me a curious incident from her company. There was this event, and the lead organizer decided to use WhatsApp for sign-ups. Yes, you read that right, WhatsApp, not Google Forms, not an email thread, but WhatsApp!

I must confess, my initial reaction was somewhere between ‘Huh?!’ and ‘You’re kidding, right?!’ I mean, who needs Google Forms, a tool as straightforward as a spaghetti noodle, when you can have the ‘fun’ of managing a flurry of WhatsApp messages, right?

The organizer, though, believed that Google forms were as intimidating as a rogue Sudoku puzzle. A WhatsApp message was a safer bet. Kind of like choosing a tricycle over a motorcycle for a road trip.

But, hey, let’s think about it. Could we mix WhatsApp, a dash of AI spice, and a heaping spoonful of low code, and cook up a tech solution that’s as tasty as your grandma’s apple pie? Could it be so simple that even your technophobic Uncle Bob could use it? Now that would be a sight for sore app-tired eyes! Let’s dive in and see if we can whip up this wild tech recipe!

So we've got a problem

Okay, let’s break it down to bite-sized pieces, shall we? The task at hand involves WhatsApp, not for gossip or memes, but for serious business – signing up for events or asking questions. Here’s where OpenAI, our digital brainiac, steps in to:

  • Zippily answer all inquiries, or
  • Smoothly handle bookings.

But we’re not leaving the grunt work of compiling these WhatsApp responses to any human. That would be as much fun as a root canal, wouldn’t it?

No, we’re handing over this gig to a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) process, like an efficient digital intern. It’ll calmly store the sign-up responses into a database, using the magic of low code.

Business Flow

Let’s start with simple flow

  1. If the user send in to ask about the event, send a fixed answer back
  2. If the user send in to ask to book, send to database


Below is a simple flow chart to help you understand better.

The Solutions

At lowcode101.com, our aim is to reduce the time to coding as much as possible, so that we have time for our video games instead of pathetic troubleshooting. To achieve this, some time we have to mix different tools together.

In this case, mixing different tools together is can’t avoidable.

The data structure above might have slightly change depend on the solutions
  • OpenAI GPT-3 x WhatsApp x make x NocoDB (coming soon)

    OpenAI GPT-3 will be the AI brain, WhatsApp will be the messaging platform, NocoDB will store the final result, and make will be the platform to integrate all 3 systems.

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