Creating REST API for your data with NocoDB

I would said NocoDB is the most generous when come to REST API. It provide 2 methods of showing the REST API to the user

  1. On the datasheet it self, you can see the REST API already generated, and able to use with different programming language – with actual example.
  2. It provide a Swagger UI, which allow you to test the REST API on the spot – you don’t even need to install POSTMAN to test it out!

To use the Swagger UI to test the REST API, please follow below steps

1. First of all, you will got to Add a New Token, and Token Management. Once you created, please copy to somewhere safe.

2. Go to the bottom left of the NocoDB, you shall see the APIs & Support link there, which will slide out a panel from the right side, the first link will get you to the Swagger UI.

3. First thing you need to before test out the Swagger, is to click the “Authorized” button, and paste the key you copied just now under xcToken and click the Authorize button.

4. You are good to go now, pick any API, say GET Products, and paste the parameter like ID.

5. You shall see the result from REST API immediately display at the bottom, if the ID is valid.


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Want to setup REST API for your data?

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