JotForm: Web contact form in 5 minutes

JotForm is a relatively easy to use, basically you just need to focus on the form – nothing else. You can do more with the form, like approval flow, or even integrate with other system.

However, let us start with most basic thing, a contact form that will trigger email, and stored for your reference – JotForm make it easy, did it quite well, and beautifully.

Pre-requisite check

  • Initial requirement

    Let’s look at how it started, as well as the initial design

  • URL

  • Platform

    JotForm is a cloud SAAS (Software as a service) platform, make sure the one who pay your salary are comfortable with that

  • Account

    You will need a JotForm account to start to use it. JotForm do provide free plan, as of now.

  • Cost

    There are some limitation for free plan, and make sure you are totally comfortable with the limitation and terms.

Let's get started

Configure the form

1. Start by creating a form, let’s call it “Contact Us”

2. Create the necessary fields, with proper data type according to initial requirements. Just drag the data type you want from the left menu bar, into the form area.

3. For the field that are mandatory, remember to switch on the “Required” as well.


4. Under “Thank you page”, setup the text to display upon form submission


By default, form submission will sent an notification default registered email, you can configure more emails under “Emails” tab for each form

Let's try it out

1. Under Publish tab, you can share the link out to test the form

2. Upon successful submission, your data stored under “All Forms” section, you will be able to see the total submissions to the form

3. Click on the form submission, the submission detail displayed as below

4. Voilà! You just created a simple contact us form

Let's walkthrough again

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