Google Form: Web contact form in 5 minutes

Most of us using Google service (I guess?) . It come with quite a number of free handy tools, example are Google Drive, Google Doc, and here what we have today – Google Form, one of the Google Doc family members.

It is a simple solution for web form, which help you build the form quickly, within Google ecosystem. It is not pretty (in my opinion), but it does work almost out of the box.

Pre-requisite check

  • Initial requirement

    Let’s look at how it started, as well as the initial design

  • URL

  • Platform

    Google Form is a cloud SAAS (Software as a service) platform, make sure the one who pay your salary are comfortable with that

  • Account

    You will need a Google account to start to use it. Google Form is free.

  • Cost

    It is free

Let's get started

Configure the form

1. Start by creating a form, let’s call it “Contact Us”

2. Create the necessary fields, with proper data type according to initial requirements. Just click on the “+” on the right small floating menu bar.

3. For the field that are mandatory, remember to switch on the “Required” as well.

Data collected from Google Form stored under Google Sheet

Let's try it out

1. Once you ready to test, click on the “send” button on top, you shall see the form link.


2. Let’s try out with some data


3. Upon successful submission, your data stored under “Response” section, you will be able to see the total submissions to the form


4. Voilà! You just created a simple contact us form

Let's walkthrough again

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