AirTable: Web contact form in 5 minutes

Creating web contact form in Airtable is pretty straightforward, you don’t need any coding skill, just focus on the following

  • What data to capture
  • What is the email to send
  • What message to display upon submission

Pre-requisite check

  • Initial requirement

    Let’s look at how it started, as well as the initial design

  • URL

  • Platform

    Airtable is a cloud SAAS (Software as a service) platform, make sure the one who pay your salary are comfortable with that

  • Account

    You will need a Airtable account to start to use it. Airtable do provide free plan, as of now.

  • Cost

    There are some limitation for free plan, and make sure you are totally comfortable with the limitation and terms.

Let's get started

Create a table

1. Start by creating a table, let’s call it “Contact Us”

2. Create the necessary fields, with proper data type according to initial requirements

3. Remember to delete the additional empty rows (created by default)

Configure the form

1. Under the form at the bottom left, create a Form, let’s call it “Contact Form” as well

2. The form should auto generated based on the table you created. You may however, edit the fields, and make it as mandatory by switch on “Required”

3. There is an action to configure upon form submission. You may display the relevant message after form submission

4. The form come with a link, which you can share the form out by sending the link to whoever you want to, or link from your website, or embed this form on your site by iFrame (Don’t worry, the code is generated for you automagically)

What if the table having some changes, what about the form? You can delete the form to re-generate entire form, or delete the field, and add the field back from the form editor. The data will not gone missing when you delete the form, or delete the field on the form.

Let's try it out

1. You can test the form immediately, or by sharing the link

2. Upon successful submission, you should see the success message you set just now

3. Go back to the table, you shall see the data is recorded immediately

4. Voilà! You just created a simple contact us form

Let's walkthrough again

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